Jun 092013

The SIAM Mathematical Aspects of Material Science conference started today in Philadelphia, just a few blocks south of City Hall, and we are meeting in the Doubletree Hilton. The Mathematical Crystallography minisymposia are meeting in Maestro B on the fourth floor, and looking out we see a space frame:

Scene from fourth floor

Um, so what is this? It’s a slice, but if we expand it out it looks uninodal, 12-regular, with two orbits of edges (four to a vertex horizontally and eight to a vertex diagonally). This crystal net has been associated with both James Maxwell and R. Buckminster Fuller, so the fact that I can’t find it in RCSR (I don’t think that its space group is Im-3m) or EPINET is doubtless my incompetence. If some nice person would enlighten me…

Meanwhile, one thing we are thinking about is what this blog can be used for. Like asking questions. Further posts this week, hopefully daily…

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  1. The net is face-centred cubic (Fm-3m, vertices form dense cubic close packing) and is RCSR’s “fcu”
    and EPINET’s “sqc19” .

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