Jun 082013

The SIAM conference on Mathematical Aspects of Material Science starts tomorrow, Sunday, on June 9, and will run for four days. Participants are already arriving and picking up their registration packets.

The minisymposia on Mathematical Crystallography will be held in Maestro B, up on the fourth floor. The schedule is:

Notice that on Wednesday there will be discussion, open to the floor, on how to continue this campaign to popularize mathematical crystallography. This is the third gathering I’ve organized – after the Crystal Design Using Discrete Structures in Geometry minisymposium held in 2010 and the Special Session on Modeling Crystalline and Quasi-Crystalline Materials held last year. Next year, the International Union of Crystallography will meet in Montreal from August 5 to 12; something to think about.

If you cannot come to the discussion Wednesday at 10:45 am, feel free to email suggestions to me.

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