There are several organizations dedicated to “science”, such as:

Crystallography involves what we now call chemistry and physics, although even the Nobel committees get confused.

Within the IUCr itself, the Commission on Mathematical and Theoretical Crystallography promotes mathematical crystallography.

And there are organizations devoted to nano-science and nano-technology.

  • The International Society for Nanoscale Science, Computation and Engineering promotes “study of the control of the arrangement of the atoms in matter, examine the principles that lead to such control, to develop tools and methods to increase such control, and to investigate the use of these principles for molecular computation, and for engineering on the finest possible scales.”
  • The Nano Science and Technology Institute is “chartered with the promotion and integration of small technologies through education, technology and business development.”

Safety and environmental concerns are explored by the Nanex Project and the Institute for Occupational Medicine‘s Centre of Excellence on Nanotechnology Hazard and Risk (SAFENANO).