Jun 122016

I was a lot less organized this year, so this report is a lot skimpier.

The Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics‘s activity group on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science held its 2016 conference in May in Philadelphia, about a half a mile east of Independence Hall. SIAM conferences consist of a handful of plenary speakers plus two-hour minisymposia, each consisting of four presentations.

Four of us got together and organized four minisymposia. Here they are.

The first minisymposium focused on Tilings, Packings, Graphs, and Other Discrete Models.

Left to right: Davide Proserpio gave a talk on Entanglement in 2-Periodic Coordination Networks, Ileana Streinu gave a talk on Polyhedral Origami, Ma. Louise N. de las Penas gave a talk on On Algebraic and Geometric Properties of Hyperbolic Tilings, and Ciprian S. Borcea gave a talk on Auxetics and Spectrahedra.

The second minisymposium focused on Polyhedra, Cluster Models, and Assembly.

Left to right: Erin Teich gave a talk on Clusters of Polyhedra in Spherical Confinement, Jean Taylor gave a talk on What Role for Entropy in Stability and Growth of Quasicrystals? , Miranda Holmes-Cerfon gave talk on The Statistical Mechanics of Singular Sphere Packings, and Natasha Jonoska gave a talk on Algorithmic Self-Assembly and Self-Similar Structures.

The third minisymposium focused on Groups, Lattices, Spaces and Superspaces.

Left to right: Bernd Souvignier gave a talk on Recognizing the Lattice Type to Which a Unit Cell (almost) Belongs, Massimo Nespolo gave a talk on Applications of Groupoids to the Description and Interpretation of Crystal Structures: The Example of Pyxorenes, Mois I. Aroyo gave a talk on Materials Studies by the Bilbao Crystallographic Server, Jeffrey Lagarias and gave a talk on The 12 Spheres Problem.

The fourt minisymposium focused on Beyond Crystallography.

Left to right: Peter Zeiner gave a talk on Comparing Coincidence Rotations and Similarity Transformations of Lattices and Modules, Uwe Grimm gave a talk on Diffraction and Dynamical Spectra in Aperiodic Order, Gregory Chirikjian gave a talk on Molecular Packing Problems and Quotients of the Euclidean Group by Space Groups, and Egon Schulte gave a talk on Skeletal Polyhedral Complexes and Nets with High Symmetry.

And here are the four organizers:

Left to right: Jean-Guillaume Eon, Greg McColm, Marjorie Senechal, and Mile Krajcevski.

Most of the above photos were taken by Massimo Nespolo, who very kindly shared them with me; there are more posted at the IUCr page for this conference. The next Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science conference is in 2019.

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