Oct 312014

As you may have noticed, a comment on the previous post inspired me to adjust the post. (Actually, it raised an issue that will deserve a post of its own.)

Since I would like this blog to be useful to a wide audience, I appreciate comments, corrections, suggestions, criticisms, etc., either posted on this blog or emailed to me. After all, I should be described (to paraphrase Jane Austen) as a partial, prejudiced & ignorant crystallographer, and I would like to keep posts as correct as possible.

(Comments, by the way, do not appear on the main page; notice at the upper right hand corner of this post, just right of the headline in small gray type next to two small gray bubbles, is a note about comments for that post. To see comments for a post, or to post a comment, click the headline of the post, and at the bottom of this new page are comments and a form for entering comments.)

Unfortunately, most comments entered come from spambots, programs that surf the web, looking for sites like this one to post ads for X-rated products, post links in order to inflate their own page rank, etc. In order to prevent this blog from being weighed down by this kind of nonsense, comments are moderated. That means that a comment is entered, it sits in a “pending” folder until I get to it and approve it.

I try to check the pending folder daily, but if you posted a comment and it doesn’t appear within a day or so, feel free to email to me. (Feel free to email me about this site in any case: I appreciate the feedback.)

I apologize for the inconvenience, but I think that this is the least inconvenient system for the situation we have.

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