Feb 262014

Probably the worst thing that can happen to a blog is that it stops. Blogs are supposed to move forward. So I apologize for the hiatus; things happened.
Two things:

  • The idea for mapping this community came from writing an article on the mathematical crystallography community. This is one article of a “virtual issue” of Acta Crystallographic A co-edited by Massimo Nespolo and myself. This virtual issue will be distributed over several issues, starting with the March 2014 issue. My paper on Prospects for Mathematical Crystallography has just appeared, and it can be regarded as a distillation of the blog posts thus far.
  • I am starting up the blog again. It will not move as rapidly as earlier last year, but it should keep moving. I will continue the project of mapping the mathematical crystallography community, starting with crystal prediction – which was featured in the article as one area where mathematical crystallography had considerable potential.

I apologize for the hiatus.

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