February 18 – 23 in Beer-Sheba, Israel:
Collaborative Computational Project Number 4 / Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (CCP4/BGU) Structure Solution Workshop

February 19 – 25 in Montevideo, Uruguay:
1st Latin American Crystallographic Association (LACA) Small Molecule Crystallography school (1LACAS:SMC).

February 27 – March 2 in Bielefeld, Germany:
2nd International Conference on Nanoscopy (ICON 2018).

March 5 – 8 in Essen, Germany:
26th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society (DGK).

March 6 – 8 in Osaka, Japan:
BIT’s 4th Annual World Congress of Smart
: Weaving a Avatar Dream Together

March 12 – 16 in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania:
2018 Spring Meeting of the The International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD)

March 18 – 22 in New Orleans, Louisiana:
The American Chemical Society’s Spring National Meeting and Exposition

March 26 – 29 in Coventry, United Kingdom:
British Crystallographic Association Spring Meeting 2018

April 8 – 12 in Durham, United Kingdom:
2018 Powder Diffraction and Rietveld Refinement School.

April 13 & 14 in Montevideo, Uruguay:
First Encounter of Young Researchers in Materials Science.

April 16 – 19 in Snowbird, Utah:
The ISNSCE‘s 18th Annual Conference on the Foundations of Nanoscience (FNANO18)

April 22 – 26 in Biarritz, France:
International meeting on the chemistry of graphene and carbon nanotubes (Chem on Tubes 2078)

April 22 – 27 in Menlo Park, California:
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) National Accelerator Laboratory Data Collection and Structure Solving (RapiData 2018 at SSRL): A Practical Course in Macromolecular X-Ray Diffraction Measurement.

June 4 – 5 in London, United Kingdom:
3rd Edition of the International Conference on Advanced Spectroscopy, Crystallography and Applications in Modern Chemistry. The theme is Exploring the Novel Enhancements in the field of Modern Chemistry – Crystallography and Spectroscopy.

June 4 – 6 in Lancaster, United Kingdom:
Bond-node structures 2018. The subject is Bond-node structures: rigidity, combinatorics and chemistry.

June 4 – 15 in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania:
The International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) X-ray Diffraction Clinics.

June 11 – 13 in Barcelona, Spain:
The 19th World Congress on Materials Science and Engineering

June 16 – 17 in Xiamen, Fujian, China:
2018 International Workshop on Materials, Chemistry and Engineering (IWMCE 2018).

July 1 – 4 in Edinburgh, United Kingdom:
16th European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC16).

July 9 – 13 in Portland, Oregon:
The Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science (MS18), meeting jointly with SIAM’s Annual Meeting (SIAM 2018).

July 20 – 24 in Toronto, Canada:
The American Crystallographic Association’s 2018 Meeting.

July 22 – 27 in Krakow, Poland:
17th International Conference on X-Ray Absorption / Fine Structure (SAFS 2018).

August 6 – 10 in Westminster, Colorado:
67th Annual Denver X-Ray Conference on Applications of X-Ray Analysis (DXC).

August 19 – 24 in Saskatoon, Canada:
International Conference on X-Ray Microscopy (XRM 2018).

August 22 – 27 in Oviedo, Spain:
31st Meeting of the European Crystallographic Association.

September 17 – 18 in Vancouver, Canada:
3rd International Conference on Applied Crystallography. The theme is A Technique beyond the Technology.

September 24 – 28 in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania:
The International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD) Rietveld Refinement & Indexing Workshop.

October 7 – 12 Traverse City, Michigan:
XVII International Small Angle Scattering Conference (SAS2018).

October 8 – 12 in Jinan, China:
24th International Society for Nanoscale Science, Computation and Engineering (ISNSCE) International Conference On DNA Computing and Molecular Programming (DNA24).

October 10 – 12 in Valparaiso, Chile:
3rd Meeting of the Latin American Association of Crystallography and First Encounter of the Chilean Association of Crystallography (AChCr).

October 24 – 26 in Berlin, Germany:
BIT’s Eighth Annual World Congress of Nano Science and Technology

December 2 – 5 in Auckland, New Zealand:
Combined Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association and the Society of Crystallographers in Australia and New Zealand (AsCA 2018/CRYSTAL 32).


July 20 -24 in Covington, Kentucky:
The American Crystallographic Association’s 2019 Meeting

Additional Conference Announcements are posted at: